Thursday, May 15, 2008

the performance

this was filmed by John Wells with Aryll Hatt Todds camera and it is yours to share. Infact i would like it to be spread around like a good rumor.
this is filmed under a closed audience at the House of Payne on Central Parkway.

feedback from show

I realized after my show that the sculptures I made wasted energy. I firmly believe that in wasting the energy my thesis paper is still proven by thesis artwork. Through reverse psychology the viewer is forced to feeling tension created by the complete atmosphere of the Theremin, the whirring of super-8 projectors, and the shriek hum of the tesla coil. Furthermore the piece Solving the Spirograph creates a sound using angle grinders, which aren’t even visible except by the flash of the strobe. The main goal of my thesis work has been to create a tangible physical experience that people of all ages and from various backgrounds can enjoy. Even if it seems that I am trying to kill them, I am attracted to that life threatening danger being paid by off by the thrill of experience.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

breaking the code

its not hard to figure out anymore. when you go for an urge and feel connected to the situation in front of you then you go for it without thinking. The words come naturally because the speaker isnt fearful of what may come out or cause in chain reaction from what would be said. confidence is theraputic. People are addicted to confidence. People are drawn to individuals because they are true to themselves. enthusiasm drives the motivation to be attracted to confidence. This is probably something I should already know. but it feels good to say it to myself. which goes with out saying..
hah trailing off.. .... on the trail of life.
"what do you mean Jon" oh figure it out for yourself
well thats hard to do
Does it matter?