Sunday, March 30, 2008

a fake pieceq

I really want to see a framed mirror that rotates quickly on a vertical axis. on one side the rectangular shaped mirror is a mirror on the other a flatscreen tv. this way the viewer could see himself then from 3rd person view. Im telling you it would be confusing as fuck. i think thats funny but im only saying it about myself its not directed towards anyone. new med makes me feel like a person again. called in vega does that mean something? verbally i mean.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

freak out man

hopefully it is legal to do this. here is a show that i am really excited about and i think you might to. Vinny is organizing and Jane Carver will be there, Tight leather, ofcourse le technopuss13s, smacks and punk bunny.
Bring a thong and make an ass print
it will be fun.
but you might not want to bring your whole family because this one is for the adults.
thats all for now

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


yes i would like to meet for the committe meeting on Tuesday during the morning 8-9 as that is a productive time for me. Recently i have been simplifying what i will be showing in the chidlaw. The dream is to have revolving doors from the photo lab on either side of the collumn. To the back left corner i will grow the corn. ON the right i will have the projector on a pedestool. I might have the pieces unplugged so that, if somone wants to see it in action, they will come to me or my thesis group. This will eliminate the need to have them automated and less time to figure out the intervalmeter. Although i do plan to use it on the rooftop of the artacademy with the super 8 camera. Im telling you this because if i forget i need you to remind me.
as of this weekend the thesis work and reality have become intertwined and its a bit frustrating knowing whats real and not. However i do plan to still show and help as many people with their work.
send this to whomever you need.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


catscan Electric encephalogram
sensory perception is communicated through electricity
the doplar effect for two people communicating
am i loosing it.....
but all artists are manic
im not happy about it.
i can right poetry
feeling punty
with a side of shear genius.
thanks for the good weekend.
sleep well

look at this

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Road to Ruin

Jamie and I have created a card idea tonight and wonder whats your opinion.
We have realized that the last 4 maybe all the shows except yes have a double rhyming scheme. Powerplastique, Recollection collection, reconnecting a reflection, resolution revolution,and now our show will be declared, Road to ruin. I find it really facinating that we all use this double alliteration (forgot the exact literary term) to make our shows seem appealing, catchy and memorable. I always think of Cocoa Cola's original inventors who thought that would be a catchy double c sound.
so we have a card idea that we will manipulate further once i get to school.
tell me what you think.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

motion sensors

does anyone know anything about electronics? Ive been trying to find the right motion sensor to power the angle grinders. the piece Gyroscopic Spiralgraph you can read about it below. I need to have the wheel activate by the viewers at a close range of a barrier set 3-5 feet away. The common Home depot motion sensors only work in long distances and only at night furthermore these devices only power simple house or security lights. I actually need them to run to a relay and then to the angle grinder which is a powerful torquing motor. This creates a specialized part that is quite expensive for such a small but important piece. Ive talked to grainger, banner electronics and c&e distributer in the ohio area. Would any of you happen to know of someone who is technologically savy to many different electronic quandries? It would realy benifit my show to have fully automated machines that only work when viewers are in the vicinity.
thank you

Saturday, March 15, 2008

spring break

is wrapping up and I still need to finish 2 more projects. I managed to wrap up one. and now the film is in the can and it will be developed but thats not the end of the film project. I am undertaking all the necessary editing manually with out any compooters. i just wish the corn would grow faster and my lightbulb suit is still on hiatus. I cant figure out if I want to use the wings that I made earlier last year and attacth flurescent bulbs to the middle of the wings. then have a rubber shirt that i imbed gas lightbulbs with. to illuminate with the tesla I would need to have a ground wire that is actually struck illuminating my entire body. I am not sure how the performance would go.
any feedback.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

more show titles

this will be my 20th post.


uncultivated resource

rogue to ruin

road to ruins

struggle for self

what do you guys think?

happy 20

Monday, March 10, 2008

this is how the proposed installation will appear.

Proposal for Dennis Harrington

Electric Inertia
I will construct an installation that implements energy to convey the interactivity of idea contained in our society. I propose constructing a large tesla coil to be placed in the center of the first floor gallery. A break out point will allow the discharges of electricity to strike only upward towards the ceiling. I will fabricate an elaborate chandelier from electrical conduit, florescent tubes are connected hanging horizontally branching out in an arcing form radiating symmetrically in a circle. This chandelier is hanging from the ceiling directly above the large 4-foot Tesla Coil. As a safety precaution I will construct a faraday cage around the toroid of the coil except at the very top.
The accompanying piece will be a video installation, which will be projected on the south wall of the gallery about 4 feet up. A line of projected film will surround the viewer. The installation consists of a combination of three digital projectors mounted in a lateral series from the ceiling creating a long aspect ratio. The content of the film expresses how ideas interact, how they can be transferred, and start a chain reaction of new ideas. I will film one individual holding his hand up to a smaller tesla coil. His other hand will hold a fluorescent light tube, the other side is held by another individual. Who in turn also holds another fluorescent tube in his other hand. This filmed performance shows a linkage of energy transferring through the bodies of the performers and instantaneously illuminating the light tubes. I will show a line of seven people creating a light chain of energy.
To allow audience to view the intensity of light eminating from these machines I propose painting the windows with an easily removable paint. I plan on scratching small dots into the surface of this window paint so that in the day time light will shine through these cosmic stars beaming rays of light. This will also allow curious people on the street to peer through these holes enticing them into the gallery. At night the opposite will happen, light will shine out of the windows with a bluish glow from the tesla coil.
In order to make the gallery appear even longer I plan on embedding rectangular strips of felt and plywood into the walls of the gallery. The colors black, charcoal grey, tan and white will convey the expressive electric intensity lighting up the walls. See diagram for a better idea of the color scheme.
Energy is very pertinent to the current time period. Resources are running out and there is a general interest in finding alternative sources of power. The tesla coil was invented to create free-energy that could be transferred to an individual anywhere in the world. Nicola Tesla is becoming a better known inventor but his impact is still being calculated. I hope that this installation will enlighten people to the spectacle of his invention, the desire to find better sources of energy, and convey the essential integrity contained in my idea. I hope that viewers will physically feel the energy floating through the gallery inducing even more ideas.
Jonathan Hancock

Thursday, March 6, 2008

electric inertia

There is some force that one perceived as essential integrity from the concept of one's art. I think this force is best conveyed through the interaction of ideas. The metaphor that I use to show is the reactive energy. Energy discharged from a tesla coil inspires the initial excitement flowing into the first persons body. The force can only exist if that person shares the intensity. That person shares it with anyone who will listen. The idea creates a cascading chain reaction of new ideas. A movement of thought happens this way. Changes happen gradually and from a collective group unified by a similar thought. If participants remain anonymous then no one person is a leader. A progressive movement of thought occurs when people feed off of each other's ideas bouncing, attracting and reflecting like the atomic electrons in an atom. collective conciousness occurs with the group inciting the same idea synchronously. Imagine creating a shockwave of enegy/ideas through the globe like a tidal wave eradicating evil..

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

gyroscopic spiralgraph

not sure about the name yet but here is the finished product it will be set up in the clean cube and activate its function from a motion sensor placed above the door. viewers will be protected by a lexan door.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

names for show

let me know if you think these sound good. if you have any ideas of similar synonyms or something that would combine the ideas of all of these.

Names for show
Destruction Junction
Manic destruction
Bona Fide
Moxie- vigor verve vivaciousness
Synchronicity- coincidentally thinking the same thing
Joie de vivre - delight in being alive
chef d'oeuvre
tour de force

names for show

look above

order of the thesis

I am really thinking hard as to what the logical order to present my paragraphs in the thesis. This seems to be the hardest thing about writing for me. I have good sentences in the paragraph that flow but the order in which i put them in is presented like the order that Hitchcock shot his films, like a jigsaw puzzle.
this is what i am thinking.
introduction (gary mentioned this should be more specific)
description of pieces of artwork
energy (electrical) impulses of the brain, kinetic energy,efforts to beat something into form you want.
connection of sonic energy to visual spectrum
process transformation of materials sculptures existing in their raw essential state in addition to the search for perfect form to the function.
experiencing physically means visually sonically and mental energy/electrically
conclusion restate these elements.