Friday, December 5, 2008

lifes uroutine around

bluring of days happen. coult this happen to years? iset out today to make so many plans concieved over the nights of insomnia. How am i ever going to achieve my lifetime goals if i can not talk interested entertainingly about art. about all art not just what pertains to me. or my interests. fetishes or obseessions. Qwe spend so much time sniffing out our own farts, proclaiming to others our little but seeming large accomplishments. I say we need more ordinary honest work. that has no elusive illusions. the reality is hyperrealistic as fiction.. we cant make up something more profane and meaningful and ordinary than the truth. the truth though i resent that i am doing nothing. I feel that people do want me around. that i could go to my professors whwen ineed to work on things. even after graduating they are helpinging me proving their passion. how could i ever be such a teacher . I am riting lesson plans but they are shit compared to what i have gone thought. ooh potatoe.

Friday, November 21, 2008

this is getting bpretty old. I cant think of anything incite full but, the think that i was thinking before were only shrouded by my manic mind seeming to make sense. every thing makes me feel life is giving up on my dreams. I fell so commited to the girls that i have dated in the past that i dont meet anybody new and beside s i just feel like i dont have any harmless fun anymore. adults have have fun by drinking and socializing instead of doing tings. ah this just the drepression speaking. been going through all my school papers from four years feels like im writing another thesis.
now it just crumbles.
thought about going back to gymnastics and geting ingto the best shape i have ever been in. bur what is that really going to do. way to wah what.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

recent development

i started collaging
using old monster mags and hot rods from the 60s
there is something about the old print quality that is appealing
it may turn into a paper cut out animation if i can scrounge a stand to format the cells it would be great to start on a kenteridge plus collage animation linked with stop motion clay. but we will see how far i get. untill then sleep well.

Friday, October 17, 2008

its my birthday

and i am sick ended up cleaning vomit out of my car. it wont stop me from going to a noise show, though. wish i planned these things out and actually called people to hang out at the shows. It will be fun anyway as always. Im 23 and ready to kill.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday, July 26, 2008

screw you fat Lou

I live in the suburbs, I have for my whole life but tonight I have found out how caddy and easily we misuderstand each other even though we live relatively close. this sign was being proudly displayed in Lou's front yard. I thought how great a luau. Hawaiian party where you roast a pig. I like party decorations so I went on back to where the luau was being held. I thought they might understand me being interested in their party and trying to capture the actual community and neighborlyness that the suburbs offer. walked up saw a lady walking out, she seemed disturbed so I wanted to comfort her by communicating. Hi Im Jonathan I live a couple houses down the street. blah blah I am interested in taking some photos of the decoration at your party.
she seemed friendly told me to go on back and ask.
I was barraged with streaming chinese circular lanterns. plastic palm trees, cheesy but kitsch funny decorations. I waltzed their backyard the tiki torches dimly illuminating smoky atmosphere. 12 old men smoking on a hookah, cigars playing cards, and drinking beers turn around and glare at me. Distracted, me eyes zip around nervously as I rattle off my plead to take pictures, photos of the enviromnent. I didnt really stress that I was interested in documenting the community friendship that crescent springs posses. The owner name was John must have been Lou said, Well what do you want the Lou Lou special. I wasnt sure what he meant so I asked I dont know what does that mean? The big guy with a smoldering cigar turned a chair so that the back support faced me. Big Lou misunderstood my naive request, My balls dangling through the middle of this chair. Everybody laughed so I assumed we were just shooting the shit and living easy in the hollow hills. I started talking like i was interested in their hookah. Everyone like smoking a flavorful sugar tobacco. Fat Eddy boasts its kentucky fruit. I didnt know if that was a jab at fruties. so i repeated it and laughed. My mind wandered from what was going on and started to focus on what I would actually shoot. The Plastic Tiki effigys or the Easter Island Heads constructed out of duct tape would look fantastic in the lighting. It was dark but there was a glow provided by neon signs, citronella candles and the stupid torches.
My silence must have put them with discomfort. Some charecteristic about how i spoke made them look at me funny or maybe it was just 1:32 am. They asked me to leave because the daughter of Big Lou felt uneasy. I would respect her wishes if she told me why she feared me as some midnight creep some stalker neighbor. I am just curious and have no peers to chill with at my hood. It really pisses me off how judgmental people are. Im pretty sure its not appearance. I know Im not some model. But do I look like some creature zombie that would devour you at night.
Karaoke was good tonight but i got tired, and that social sickness disease happened where I shut down and space out remaining mute. I hate that feeling where you cant interact with people because reveling in the moment callous to anything happening. I couldnt even manage a simple compliment to people who I had been with all night, Then I beat myself up because I didnt offer them a ride home. is that rude? I didnt want to endanger them with my driving. my car is always a mess. but I guess thats an excuse. I was kinda getting a weird vibe from them because she started talking about stalkers I thought she was refering to me I just felt as young as a toolbag 13 yearold. I get into those situations all the time. I thought it was good to live outside your comfort zone but this just makes you feel like the scum of the earth. Maybe I am. All I wanted tonight was to talk to people, learn me how to dance, and try singing. The way i compose myself just scares people. I cant help their reaction. So maybe they are just reacting to me. I felt good and sociable up until Gretchen started to talk in french saying something about a person being stupido and petite. I didnt call her a butch and I didnt call her cute. I danced with her only because she started talking to me so I figured she was a friendly person. I had fun initially but the endings always tarnish and decay. Some of my relationships have been like that I thought a couple would last a bit longer. but there is no such thing as love. fuck girls fuck guys Im just going to be a baby. tonight atleast. then Ill grow up
dont read into that because it means nothing.

secret project

thats right no one should see this, so if you read keep mum says me.
it belongs to nina wright. I am helping her document the mannequins that she paints. the current clips look like the below links or files. I havent fully edited the pacing and corrected the color.

and at victory park

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


went today sight were amazing. cheered me up felt great.
went to indianna to brooksville

Saturday, July 12, 2008

self discipline

i am a bad teacher for myself. infact the deadlines that i set for myself exist in an unorganized way. It also really is frustrating that i dont get up off my ass and get a job. What i need to do is just forget about art completely and come back to it when i have things stabilized. just right now it feels too good just to do nothing, cameron was right it feels like the summer before going back to school and so you feel motivated but not that motivated.

border="0" alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5222181783750619474" />

i infact have lost the ambition. I do nothing now. earlier this summer i was atleast painting a new one every week and filming with nina Wright now i just go on and hope that someone will just give me a handout job. i need the money and the satifaction of being depended on being relieable. At the moment i feel utterly useless defunct and out of place. Ive been planning road trips to go on but not following through with them.
this is in arizona i went there with my dad and just now got up to posting some images.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

the performance

this was filmed by John Wells with Aryll Hatt Todds camera and it is yours to share. Infact i would like it to be spread around like a good rumor.
this is filmed under a closed audience at the House of Payne on Central Parkway.

feedback from show

I realized after my show that the sculptures I made wasted energy. I firmly believe that in wasting the energy my thesis paper is still proven by thesis artwork. Through reverse psychology the viewer is forced to feeling tension created by the complete atmosphere of the Theremin, the whirring of super-8 projectors, and the shriek hum of the tesla coil. Furthermore the piece Solving the Spirograph creates a sound using angle grinders, which aren’t even visible except by the flash of the strobe. The main goal of my thesis work has been to create a tangible physical experience that people of all ages and from various backgrounds can enjoy. Even if it seems that I am trying to kill them, I am attracted to that life threatening danger being paid by off by the thrill of experience.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

breaking the code

its not hard to figure out anymore. when you go for an urge and feel connected to the situation in front of you then you go for it without thinking. The words come naturally because the speaker isnt fearful of what may come out or cause in chain reaction from what would be said. confidence is theraputic. People are addicted to confidence. People are drawn to individuals because they are true to themselves. enthusiasm drives the motivation to be attracted to confidence. This is probably something I should already know. but it feels good to say it to myself. which goes with out saying..
hah trailing off.. .... on the trail of life.
"what do you mean Jon" oh figure it out for yourself
well thats hard to do
Does it matter?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

the end

i will not type a single thing more, after this sentance.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

going home

reading pocket guide to the apocalypse its humorous. went to crossroads today for a change felt good. was really enthusiastic about the message and the courier of video the installation of how they presented the message.
talking about how you have to fight to incur a change. the only way to do that is with positivity means. Ive been feeling so violent and agressive these past year. its an stage or phase in development.
Kim Krause is probably justified in saying that theatre is more theatrical and finer art. I disagree on its impact. the widespread impact by tv and films and movies impact the average joe. I can see how theater, stage performances theatrics enhance the art. Is art just for entertainment? I hope not.
Im burnt out, disinterested in working with decay and destruction. Everything ive made falls apart. Im not having a pity party Im just stating the obvious. Ive been making alterations to the thesis and trying not to lie steal and stay decisive like what Michelle said. What planet did i come from? the same planet you did. IM not an invader or an alien.
naive art is cool.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

blogspot out of service

im really glad that the world functions faster than the internet. that the network of contacts operate even when you dont know. lastnight was a good time.

Friday, April 4, 2008

more freakfest promotion

nobody really reads this so im just feeding the ego train but here it goes.

Everyone, please come experience
A MUST SEE SHOW of Performance Art and Music! The Freak Out Fest!
5th at the Southgate House (performance starts at 10:00)

Luna Waters and Dwight Endlessness are performing for the first time Ever!! You wont want to miss the creators of THE NEW NEW AGE; IT'S SO WRONG IT'S RIGHT.
Their performance will include original music, film and bodily movements

Jane Carver (nuevo opera)
Erin Feller and Jeff Stout as Luna Waters and Dwight Endlessness (digi-video experimental)
Jonathan Handcock (interpravive man dancin')
Sarah cutlip as "Smoo" (experiment clownin')
Clique Talk (chicago post-punk dance/electro psych)
Micah Freeman (local mean as fxxx performance art)
Traits (Michigan break-core/dubb dance)
Nina Wright and the Military Carnage Quartet (local ladies punkedelic/dancedelic)
Jim Swill (spoken word)
Sean Ryan Woodward (accordian carnie)

Tight Leather from Lexington KY (punkedelic, rock-n-roll)
The Smacks! from Louisville KY(glitterbilly drag-rag)
Le Technopuss13s(best ever)
Punk Bunny from Hollywood California (electromanwhore disco: they are amazing and have extremely visual performance)
Dj DQ (local amazing spinnin' talent)

by sexy hottness Raven
Areal Dancing by Jamm Productions
featuring Adult Novelty Raffle (1$ + new fun!)
& the ass print (wear a thong if you wanna join in)
Doors at 9 pm, show at 10 pm
$7 for 21 and up, $10 for 18-20

Doors at 9 pm, show at 10 pm
$7 for 21 and up, $10 for 18-20

Sunday, March 30, 2008

a fake pieceq

I really want to see a framed mirror that rotates quickly on a vertical axis. on one side the rectangular shaped mirror is a mirror on the other a flatscreen tv. this way the viewer could see himself then from 3rd person view. Im telling you it would be confusing as fuck. i think thats funny but im only saying it about myself its not directed towards anyone. new med makes me feel like a person again. called in vega does that mean something? verbally i mean.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

freak out man

hopefully it is legal to do this. here is a show that i am really excited about and i think you might to. Vinny is organizing and Jane Carver will be there, Tight leather, ofcourse le technopuss13s, smacks and punk bunny.
Bring a thong and make an ass print
it will be fun.
but you might not want to bring your whole family because this one is for the adults.
thats all for now

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


yes i would like to meet for the committe meeting on Tuesday during the morning 8-9 as that is a productive time for me. Recently i have been simplifying what i will be showing in the chidlaw. The dream is to have revolving doors from the photo lab on either side of the collumn. To the back left corner i will grow the corn. ON the right i will have the projector on a pedestool. I might have the pieces unplugged so that, if somone wants to see it in action, they will come to me or my thesis group. This will eliminate the need to have them automated and less time to figure out the intervalmeter. Although i do plan to use it on the rooftop of the artacademy with the super 8 camera. Im telling you this because if i forget i need you to remind me.
as of this weekend the thesis work and reality have become intertwined and its a bit frustrating knowing whats real and not. However i do plan to still show and help as many people with their work.
send this to whomever you need.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


catscan Electric encephalogram
sensory perception is communicated through electricity
the doplar effect for two people communicating
am i loosing it.....
but all artists are manic
im not happy about it.
i can right poetry
feeling punty
with a side of shear genius.
thanks for the good weekend.
sleep well

look at this

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Road to Ruin

Jamie and I have created a card idea tonight and wonder whats your opinion.
We have realized that the last 4 maybe all the shows except yes have a double rhyming scheme. Powerplastique, Recollection collection, reconnecting a reflection, resolution revolution,and now our show will be declared, Road to ruin. I find it really facinating that we all use this double alliteration (forgot the exact literary term) to make our shows seem appealing, catchy and memorable. I always think of Cocoa Cola's original inventors who thought that would be a catchy double c sound.
so we have a card idea that we will manipulate further once i get to school.
tell me what you think.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

motion sensors

does anyone know anything about electronics? Ive been trying to find the right motion sensor to power the angle grinders. the piece Gyroscopic Spiralgraph you can read about it below. I need to have the wheel activate by the viewers at a close range of a barrier set 3-5 feet away. The common Home depot motion sensors only work in long distances and only at night furthermore these devices only power simple house or security lights. I actually need them to run to a relay and then to the angle grinder which is a powerful torquing motor. This creates a specialized part that is quite expensive for such a small but important piece. Ive talked to grainger, banner electronics and c&e distributer in the ohio area. Would any of you happen to know of someone who is technologically savy to many different electronic quandries? It would realy benifit my show to have fully automated machines that only work when viewers are in the vicinity.
thank you

Saturday, March 15, 2008

spring break

is wrapping up and I still need to finish 2 more projects. I managed to wrap up one. and now the film is in the can and it will be developed but thats not the end of the film project. I am undertaking all the necessary editing manually with out any compooters. i just wish the corn would grow faster and my lightbulb suit is still on hiatus. I cant figure out if I want to use the wings that I made earlier last year and attacth flurescent bulbs to the middle of the wings. then have a rubber shirt that i imbed gas lightbulbs with. to illuminate with the tesla I would need to have a ground wire that is actually struck illuminating my entire body. I am not sure how the performance would go.
any feedback.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

more show titles

this will be my 20th post.


uncultivated resource

rogue to ruin

road to ruins

struggle for self

what do you guys think?

happy 20

Monday, March 10, 2008

this is how the proposed installation will appear.

Proposal for Dennis Harrington

Electric Inertia
I will construct an installation that implements energy to convey the interactivity of idea contained in our society. I propose constructing a large tesla coil to be placed in the center of the first floor gallery. A break out point will allow the discharges of electricity to strike only upward towards the ceiling. I will fabricate an elaborate chandelier from electrical conduit, florescent tubes are connected hanging horizontally branching out in an arcing form radiating symmetrically in a circle. This chandelier is hanging from the ceiling directly above the large 4-foot Tesla Coil. As a safety precaution I will construct a faraday cage around the toroid of the coil except at the very top.
The accompanying piece will be a video installation, which will be projected on the south wall of the gallery about 4 feet up. A line of projected film will surround the viewer. The installation consists of a combination of three digital projectors mounted in a lateral series from the ceiling creating a long aspect ratio. The content of the film expresses how ideas interact, how they can be transferred, and start a chain reaction of new ideas. I will film one individual holding his hand up to a smaller tesla coil. His other hand will hold a fluorescent light tube, the other side is held by another individual. Who in turn also holds another fluorescent tube in his other hand. This filmed performance shows a linkage of energy transferring through the bodies of the performers and instantaneously illuminating the light tubes. I will show a line of seven people creating a light chain of energy.
To allow audience to view the intensity of light eminating from these machines I propose painting the windows with an easily removable paint. I plan on scratching small dots into the surface of this window paint so that in the day time light will shine through these cosmic stars beaming rays of light. This will also allow curious people on the street to peer through these holes enticing them into the gallery. At night the opposite will happen, light will shine out of the windows with a bluish glow from the tesla coil.
In order to make the gallery appear even longer I plan on embedding rectangular strips of felt and plywood into the walls of the gallery. The colors black, charcoal grey, tan and white will convey the expressive electric intensity lighting up the walls. See diagram for a better idea of the color scheme.
Energy is very pertinent to the current time period. Resources are running out and there is a general interest in finding alternative sources of power. The tesla coil was invented to create free-energy that could be transferred to an individual anywhere in the world. Nicola Tesla is becoming a better known inventor but his impact is still being calculated. I hope that this installation will enlighten people to the spectacle of his invention, the desire to find better sources of energy, and convey the essential integrity contained in my idea. I hope that viewers will physically feel the energy floating through the gallery inducing even more ideas.
Jonathan Hancock

Thursday, March 6, 2008

electric inertia

There is some force that one perceived as essential integrity from the concept of one's art. I think this force is best conveyed through the interaction of ideas. The metaphor that I use to show is the reactive energy. Energy discharged from a tesla coil inspires the initial excitement flowing into the first persons body. The force can only exist if that person shares the intensity. That person shares it with anyone who will listen. The idea creates a cascading chain reaction of new ideas. A movement of thought happens this way. Changes happen gradually and from a collective group unified by a similar thought. If participants remain anonymous then no one person is a leader. A progressive movement of thought occurs when people feed off of each other's ideas bouncing, attracting and reflecting like the atomic electrons in an atom. collective conciousness occurs with the group inciting the same idea synchronously. Imagine creating a shockwave of enegy/ideas through the globe like a tidal wave eradicating evil..

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

gyroscopic spiralgraph

not sure about the name yet but here is the finished product it will be set up in the clean cube and activate its function from a motion sensor placed above the door. viewers will be protected by a lexan door.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

names for show

let me know if you think these sound good. if you have any ideas of similar synonyms or something that would combine the ideas of all of these.

Names for show
Destruction Junction
Manic destruction
Bona Fide
Moxie- vigor verve vivaciousness
Synchronicity- coincidentally thinking the same thing
Joie de vivre - delight in being alive
chef d'oeuvre
tour de force

names for show

look above

order of the thesis

I am really thinking hard as to what the logical order to present my paragraphs in the thesis. This seems to be the hardest thing about writing for me. I have good sentences in the paragraph that flow but the order in which i put them in is presented like the order that Hitchcock shot his films, like a jigsaw puzzle.
this is what i am thinking.
introduction (gary mentioned this should be more specific)
description of pieces of artwork
energy (electrical) impulses of the brain, kinetic energy,efforts to beat something into form you want.
connection of sonic energy to visual spectrum
process transformation of materials sculptures existing in their raw essential state in addition to the search for perfect form to the function.
experiencing physically means visually sonically and mental energy/electrically
conclusion restate these elements.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Petition for Gyroscopic Spiralgraph

Metal Grinder Spiral Graph
I am having a meeting with various faculty and board members to nail out specific technical details of my pieces at the end of February. I need your signature saying that you would like to see a demonstration in the gallery.

The plan is to safely operate, for less than half a minute, the metal disk gyrating powered by two metal grinders. The metal grinders are secured on oscillating arms that will move from the center of the fulcrum to the outer edges of the metal disk. To collect the metallic dust and sparks I plan to create shielding of vinyl walls to protect the viewers. I will offer dust masks and earplugs for the personal hazards emitted from the piece.
I will not continuously run the piece for the entire show. It will happen in sparse intervals. I am thinking of running the grinders only at the exhibition for 30 seconds then waiting for 1-2 hours. The cycle will repeat. This will give viewers the choice of viewing with out the irritation of constantly running the wheel.

This work allows you to view a sculpture that is making a sculpture. Electricity is input into the work and channeled into polishing the rust off of the sculpture. When I am grinding metal sculptures I get into a trance, rhythmically dancing to the sound of grinding/polishing the metal. The act of grinding becomes a ritual performance. What is more, the angle grinders create grooves in the metal disk like that of a record, or burning information into a cd, or recording electrical impulses into the mainframe of a computer. The connection of electricity to sound with a visual performance is the core basis of my thesis.
Please sign if interested in seeing this function in the gallery or write any comments that you may have in criticism.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

death machines

I just now this second realized the potentially accidental harmful nature of what i have been constructing. My intent was certainly not to make lethal weapons that cause the viewers do die from suffocation, consumption in flames from the offshooting sparks, electrocution from high levels of electricity. I forgot to mention the slow death from cancerous metal dust. I can only think that viewing something that could have a probability of one in a fifty chances of death at the most, would create a curiosity, an exciting exileration at the gallery show. Ive dealt with this theme before but it was only an imagined possibility. I know its completely legitimate to make weapons as art like Todt or the Survival Research labs, or that coasta rican guy. But i intend to control the situation. Like viewing a euthanasia or a letal injection behind the safety of glass. Really to me, what is more important is the sound the vibrations the forces of inertia (ha spell check spells it that way) the grooves in the metal the elapse of time the accumulation of materials. like dust in the wind. seriously. It speaks about the process of sculptors breaking down materials shifting the elements. In a way artists are controlling the universe, the physical processes of nature. Like the breaking down of rocks to form new ones. I think we all consider how our materials were constructed. Do Drawlers consider how the paper was strained moulded, squeegeed dried and stamped bound and created into a book or a sheet. well oh what was i talking about. duldrums. Death machines thats right the suicide machines.(is that a double entondra because of the band and the snuffing it?)

My sculptures will be protected by boundaries,although i like the Venus fly trap or the kiss of death sort of feeling about some artwork. for the tesla coil I am building a faraday cage. basically a perimeter that is a ground which the arcs or lighting or discharges of electricity will not pass. I would like to cross this boundary though when it is turned off and ground myself while wearing a suit of light bulbs. I am certain that it is possible to do this however I am consulting various electricians, engineers and retired hobbyist for all my installations.
The angle grinder wheel will not spark at people nor will dust hit them for I will construct some clear vinyl or acrylic sheilds. walls that one will still be able to view. I know something dies in not being able to directly see the piece and physically touch the sculpture but in order to graduate I must have a safe show. I am keen to the idea of offering viewers a dust mask or a respirator or even a gas mask to reference biological warfare or how in some countries like japan people wear gas masks because their lungs cant handle the automobile pollution.

It is important that something is deadly and therefore one is drawn to it because that is inherently my personality. I grew up jumping down flights of stairs to impress people to get girl friends. I know Im an attention whore. When people were playing football at recess I flipped through their lining up crowd. its sort of how I deal with social situations. I am over the top exaggerate go to extreme lengths to get reactions, to be noticed to make friends to get what i want to connect with people. obviously the communication doesnt really work to well. but thats the angst session

i can say no more
thats all I have to say about that
I am utterly at a loss for words.
I must sleep
Gary how professional are these supposed to be?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

takes a community to make art

It takes a community of ideas input and interaction to make impactful artwork. the more a collective group believes breathes into an idea the more real a concept becomes. People unified by central ideas are the ways that governments, countries, culture is formed. one these two projects I have made so many calls physically gone to people. I had 3 different people who I wanted to build the tesla coil. I had a friend of my dads laser cut out a peice of 34 inc diameter sheet metal. I now need Harvey brothers to bend the steel tubing to 16 and 3/4 inch in radius and 33 1/16 diameter. They will make two of those for the arms for my metal grinder piece. I have contacted a retired friend of a coworker of my mothers to help me with the logistics of safely grounding all the tubes for the grow light tesla coils. Its amazing the connection that you can feel from the excitement of others about your ideas. that it actually means something to them.

I know that the common person will pick up on my process and ideas because the process is readily exposed for the public to see. the will atleast be curious to ask and Im sure that is the reaction that I want. the viewer will be engaged enough to talk to me if even so that I turn my machines off.

is art just a way to talk to strangers an elaborate method to have intimate an conversations with the masses. is the metal grinder only speaking about art process or can it be extended to processes in life where it is circular. you work over something and it transforms from a rusty dull depression or just the unhappiness changing into a fully polished shinning mirror where you fully recognize the full potential your place in the world. it works out and one has full confidence. Is my piece just a battle between two metal grinders. I think not.

Monday, February 4, 2008


it does take more time specifically for the things that we are trying to do. I have sketched out planed things as much as I could but once you have all the materials plans change and it becomes more of an improvised on the fly sort of building. we are making technically challenging machines that require months to hone till they get correct. the steps are much larger in making sculpture. If you dont agree than you probably are not aware of the caliber of work that we are making. in order to have something function it takes time to work out all the variables and then once you have it working sometimes it stops working so you need to figure out the way to have it functioning for long periods of endurance. I needed to build a whole electronic system. I have to figure out all the voltages, motor compatibilities, etch the pcb boards, coil the osscillators, i do not think that christy carr knew how much goes into the process. Its not just all done within an instant on the computer like graphic. It really angers me the favoring or siding with painting and drawing. we are doing things that require all types of craftsmanship that is beyond the scope of art. things are physically impossible with out mounting to the floor or drilling into the ceiling. i need to make protective walls for all my pieces and that takes an aditional amount of time. I do not want to back out of my plans because I feel that what I am creating accurately describes the tour de force of everything I have produced up to this point.
and thats my rant for the day.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

thoughts on destruction

two of my sculptures imply a notion of creating new sculptures by destroying the original materials. a rusty 35 inch disk is ground down to metallic dust over the exhibition with a metal grinder. The other uses the currency coming from an electrical outlet sending it through a tesla coil to create warmth and light for plant life. both display an aggressive intensity about the materials. I take a crusty piece of steel and try to polish it to a mirror shine. To me this is talking about the process, the timespan the vitally essential weardown and natural breaking down of materials of thoughts of muscles to create strength, its reflective of many processes in life. rocks being broken down to sand, mixing with other types of rocks to make igneous rock. mixing with magma. taking carbon and combining it with other elements to make any kind of color hue, steels and metals are a simple recipe consisting of carbon and charcoal and iron. alloys of life are the same way. we digest food breaking it down to shit and make the earth more fertile that is then piped to factories broken down purified. Muscles have to be ripped apart which in turn heals and because the repair is thicker stronger muscles are made.
back to what specifically my work entails. The tesla coil plugs in something that is pure electricity and creates something out of control, lethal, harmful as lightning. theatrically this is very important that the coil takes 110volts and creates a chain reaction multiplying the charge through the winds of a coil and it bursts out through the toroid. thats the domed metal part on the top of the tesla coil. all that raw energy. something that is so hard to describe. but i feel that energy flowing through my body that vibrancy the manic discharge. it surrounds the earth and can be felt in many processes. Jamie was right that art is trying to reveal the secrets of the universe and contain them, manipulating them into different materials. I dont think its because I am on some power hungery strife. I really feel I have to communicate these processes because of their awe and sheer spectacle.
yeah Im out

metal grinder wheel

here is a new project that is in the making.

here is the preliminary sketch

Tuberculosis hospital

I recently recieced the developed footage which I took early in october. Its super 8 film shot in an abandoned tuberculosis hospital. I think super 8 lends itself to a textural gritty quality. a viewer can feel the filth of the decaying building. the film starts out in a brick room fadeing into focus of electrical conduit weeds are growing from the floor its on the second floor. Windows have all been shattered out except for one still encrusted burned window. there are sections that are poorly metered which I will probably edit out. I want the viewer to feel what it was like to visit this building. its kinda creepy unsettling and bizarre. I shot brick density one section I shot frame by frame sort of stop motion moving more quickly than 15 frames per second on the motion. so the viewer feels a rush of mortared brick. The quality of a Stan Brakhage film where rhythm is a big part of the texture of the film. I hope to shoot some more film only this time I will plan out and select better days. I think it will be a bat man Ill flap my constructed wings. I could use the telephone booth for the transformation.
The other Idea is to have time lapses of city dwellings with a person moving at normal speed while everything else is fast paced. If any of you would like to be involved or might have some feedback let me in on it. or else why the hell am I writing this.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Tesla coil

In a bit more than a week I will have this solid state tesla coil, for those of you that dont know what that looks like here is a video hopefully it will work.
here is a picture first though

I am taking this hanging flurescent tubes from the ceiling with fishing line so that it will be transparent. The coil will strike the tubes creating sparks of lightning. Underneath this network of tubes will be plants that are growing hydroponically. The light will allow the plants to grow off of free energy. energy that is shooting across the sky at all times. I want to relate this to the community of ideas how ideas interact shoot off eachother coexist. people in a group collaborate with a sort of telepathic collective conciousness. or visual memory.

new additions

All the successful artists today, know how to instruct a team of individuals with diverse specialized skills. Work is a mixture of all the ideas sparking from a group. In any business, an individual must depend on friends and colleagues in order to accomplish massive projects. My work studies that communal interaction of ideas relating to the metaphor of electricity. It seems very clear that the impulse sent by your brain transmits through images and language received almost telepathically to the collective team. Light bulbs and neon signs are a succinct way to communicate that electric communication. Interaction makes ideas real, living. The more people unified by a single idea assures tangibility and timelessness.
Time has been an important muse since the cubists, Duchamp. Over the years Jean Tinguely, Survival Research labs, Tim Hawkins, and Gregory Barsamian have perfected the specific exemplar of physical and mechanical representation of elapsed time. Time exists physically occurring through real kinetic motion equally as the accumulation of time, the temporal ephemeral deterioration of materials. Rust, luster of polished newness, or the elemental composition of the material represents time. Time exhibits energy through the rhythmic intervals of frequency.
Energy is connected to both sonic vibrations and the visible spectrum. Each hue has a corresponding sound audible in a certain wavelength equivalent in voltage of energy. Art is effective when it surrounds the viewer with this trifecta of sensory interpretations. A viewer can engage the piece from multilayered synchronicity. If life mimics art then the … finish the sentence.

Explain why exactly I am using tesla coil, metal grinder. What does free energy have to do with the ecosystem. How can the investigation of energy/sonic/spectrum compare to everything else. Make it fit. I could talk about the metallurgy of carbon, copper, minerals elements to make color which is reflective of the amount of electrons being transferred and something about sound. There is a distinct pitch that elements make once processed into a sheet.

To the general public art is an exclusive entity. Outsiders might not engage “high art” to the fullest extent, however certain variables give artsists a universally understood reputation. Relevant to exclusivity is the spreading of rumor. Rumor implies that one group is excluded from the informed, knowledgeable. To me the wilder the rumor the more recongnized a reputation will be. Sort of like the saying “ all press is good publicity” meaning that negative criticism is just as likely to adhere to the mind as positive. A rumor is just like art. A person reveals an article with a trusted group, exclusive peers. Judging on the quality or effective communication of the article this trusted group gives positive or negative publicity to the person. As a result a reputation is received therefore ingraining the article into the brains of masses.

Need to talk about pattens somewhere. This could lead to the absence of true originality only the appropriation of the elements of inspiration. Learn more jon.

I agree with amy that the future of artworks will be coglomerations of artists working together. We have been interacting through the net, these blogs are probably the same sort of connection. I think it actually needs more connection. I have traveled to other colleges including Louisville, OSU at the glass department and some of UCs campus but I think we need more interaction a co-op between colleges to have free source to any material. participate in any of their critiques. If we could unify this much it would be like building our future. or we would have mini communities of artists. I think the internet does this to some extent but its not the same as being there and actual collaboration. I am at a school that does not offer a lot of extra classes. I need to learn my own electronics. I wish we had some neon. a bussiness sort of marketability skills with persuasive speech building lecturing.
what is our generation, our time going to be known for? I can think of one thing that everyone in my age group does regularly. I think of internet buying, internet dating and really a loss of reality. For example it seems that simulated or virtual reality holds more currency than does physically experiencing and doing something. I could be talking to someone right now but instead it might reach more people through this blogging shit. People buy property that doesnt exist. there are all these facebooks myspace and who knows what that set out trying to be web interaction or linking the contact awwh whats that called oh networking but really it turns out to be something that further separates us due to being fake conversations. the internet is the new tv. there are people with jobs that work in a computer cubicles and then go home and sit at their computer. to be plugged into society you have to spend atleast 3 hours everyday sorting mail blogging posting video responses at you tube. There are times where I am in conversations and I am completely lost in their lingo and references to things I will never find on the internet. What like whats two girls and a cop. or that guy spreading his anus. I went to a tuberculosis hospital last year and there was even grafitti referencing sayings from the internet. its pretty wild to see that. Ill look back at the pictures and post them latter. okay just give me some time to set this up I know you are all dying to read and see what i put out especially the first day.

Senior seminar gossip

smitty is a rat in a cage. what has been said can never be known.