Tuesday, February 5, 2008

takes a community to make art

It takes a community of ideas input and interaction to make impactful artwork. the more a collective group believes breathes into an idea the more real a concept becomes. People unified by central ideas are the ways that governments, countries, culture is formed. one these two projects I have made so many calls physically gone to people. I had 3 different people who I wanted to build the tesla coil. I had a friend of my dads laser cut out a peice of 34 inc diameter sheet metal. I now need Harvey brothers to bend the steel tubing to 16 and 3/4 inch in radius and 33 1/16 diameter. They will make two of those for the arms for my metal grinder piece. I have contacted a retired friend of a coworker of my mothers to help me with the logistics of safely grounding all the tubes for the grow light tesla coils. Its amazing the connection that you can feel from the excitement of others about your ideas. that it actually means something to them.

I know that the common person will pick up on my process and ideas because the process is readily exposed for the public to see. the will atleast be curious to ask and Im sure that is the reaction that I want. the viewer will be engaged enough to talk to me if even so that I turn my machines off.

is art just a way to talk to strangers an elaborate method to have intimate an conversations with the masses. is the metal grinder only speaking about art process or can it be extended to processes in life where it is circular. you work over something and it transforms from a rusty dull depression or just the unhappiness changing into a fully polished shinning mirror where you fully recognize the full potential your place in the world. it works out and one has full confidence. Is my piece just a battle between two metal grinders. I think not.

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