Monday, February 4, 2008


it does take more time specifically for the things that we are trying to do. I have sketched out planed things as much as I could but once you have all the materials plans change and it becomes more of an improvised on the fly sort of building. we are making technically challenging machines that require months to hone till they get correct. the steps are much larger in making sculpture. If you dont agree than you probably are not aware of the caliber of work that we are making. in order to have something function it takes time to work out all the variables and then once you have it working sometimes it stops working so you need to figure out the way to have it functioning for long periods of endurance. I needed to build a whole electronic system. I have to figure out all the voltages, motor compatibilities, etch the pcb boards, coil the osscillators, i do not think that christy carr knew how much goes into the process. Its not just all done within an instant on the computer like graphic. It really angers me the favoring or siding with painting and drawing. we are doing things that require all types of craftsmanship that is beyond the scope of art. things are physically impossible with out mounting to the floor or drilling into the ceiling. i need to make protective walls for all my pieces and that takes an aditional amount of time. I do not want to back out of my plans because I feel that what I am creating accurately describes the tour de force of everything I have produced up to this point.
and thats my rant for the day.


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she shoulda kept it SHUT hey, Can you help me figure out how to add more people to my list? Im disconnected

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