Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Petition for Gyroscopic Spiralgraph

Metal Grinder Spiral Graph
I am having a meeting with various faculty and board members to nail out specific technical details of my pieces at the end of February. I need your signature saying that you would like to see a demonstration in the gallery.

The plan is to safely operate, for less than half a minute, the metal disk gyrating powered by two metal grinders. The metal grinders are secured on oscillating arms that will move from the center of the fulcrum to the outer edges of the metal disk. To collect the metallic dust and sparks I plan to create shielding of vinyl walls to protect the viewers. I will offer dust masks and earplugs for the personal hazards emitted from the piece.
I will not continuously run the piece for the entire show. It will happen in sparse intervals. I am thinking of running the grinders only at the exhibition for 30 seconds then waiting for 1-2 hours. The cycle will repeat. This will give viewers the choice of viewing with out the irritation of constantly running the wheel.

This work allows you to view a sculpture that is making a sculpture. Electricity is input into the work and channeled into polishing the rust off of the sculpture. When I am grinding metal sculptures I get into a trance, rhythmically dancing to the sound of grinding/polishing the metal. The act of grinding becomes a ritual performance. What is more, the angle grinders create grooves in the metal disk like that of a record, or burning information into a cd, or recording electrical impulses into the mainframe of a computer. The connection of electricity to sound with a visual performance is the core basis of my thesis.
Please sign if interested in seeing this function in the gallery or write any comments that you may have in criticism.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

death machines

I just now this second realized the potentially accidental harmful nature of what i have been constructing. My intent was certainly not to make lethal weapons that cause the viewers do die from suffocation, consumption in flames from the offshooting sparks, electrocution from high levels of electricity. I forgot to mention the slow death from cancerous metal dust. I can only think that viewing something that could have a probability of one in a fifty chances of death at the most, would create a curiosity, an exciting exileration at the gallery show. Ive dealt with this theme before but it was only an imagined possibility. I know its completely legitimate to make weapons as art like Todt or the Survival Research labs, or that coasta rican guy. But i intend to control the situation. Like viewing a euthanasia or a letal injection behind the safety of glass. Really to me, what is more important is the sound the vibrations the forces of inertia (ha spell check spells it that way) the grooves in the metal the elapse of time the accumulation of materials. like dust in the wind. seriously. It speaks about the process of sculptors breaking down materials shifting the elements. In a way artists are controlling the universe, the physical processes of nature. Like the breaking down of rocks to form new ones. I think we all consider how our materials were constructed. Do Drawlers consider how the paper was strained moulded, squeegeed dried and stamped bound and created into a book or a sheet. well oh what was i talking about. duldrums. Death machines thats right the suicide machines.(is that a double entondra because of the band and the snuffing it?)

My sculptures will be protected by boundaries,although i like the Venus fly trap or the kiss of death sort of feeling about some artwork. for the tesla coil I am building a faraday cage. basically a perimeter that is a ground which the arcs or lighting or discharges of electricity will not pass. I would like to cross this boundary though when it is turned off and ground myself while wearing a suit of light bulbs. I am certain that it is possible to do this however I am consulting various electricians, engineers and retired hobbyist for all my installations.
The angle grinder wheel will not spark at people nor will dust hit them for I will construct some clear vinyl or acrylic sheilds. walls that one will still be able to view. I know something dies in not being able to directly see the piece and physically touch the sculpture but in order to graduate I must have a safe show. I am keen to the idea of offering viewers a dust mask or a respirator or even a gas mask to reference biological warfare or how in some countries like japan people wear gas masks because their lungs cant handle the automobile pollution.

It is important that something is deadly and therefore one is drawn to it because that is inherently my personality. I grew up jumping down flights of stairs to impress people to get girl friends. I know Im an attention whore. When people were playing football at recess I flipped through their lining up crowd. its sort of how I deal with social situations. I am over the top exaggerate go to extreme lengths to get reactions, to be noticed to make friends to get what i want to connect with people. obviously the communication doesnt really work to well. but thats the angst session

i can say no more
thats all I have to say about that
I am utterly at a loss for words.
I must sleep
Gary how professional are these supposed to be?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

takes a community to make art

It takes a community of ideas input and interaction to make impactful artwork. the more a collective group believes breathes into an idea the more real a concept becomes. People unified by central ideas are the ways that governments, countries, culture is formed. one these two projects I have made so many calls physically gone to people. I had 3 different people who I wanted to build the tesla coil. I had a friend of my dads laser cut out a peice of 34 inc diameter sheet metal. I now need Harvey brothers to bend the steel tubing to 16 and 3/4 inch in radius and 33 1/16 diameter. They will make two of those for the arms for my metal grinder piece. I have contacted a retired friend of a coworker of my mothers to help me with the logistics of safely grounding all the tubes for the grow light tesla coils. Its amazing the connection that you can feel from the excitement of others about your ideas. that it actually means something to them.

I know that the common person will pick up on my process and ideas because the process is readily exposed for the public to see. the will atleast be curious to ask and Im sure that is the reaction that I want. the viewer will be engaged enough to talk to me if even so that I turn my machines off.

is art just a way to talk to strangers an elaborate method to have intimate an conversations with the masses. is the metal grinder only speaking about art process or can it be extended to processes in life where it is circular. you work over something and it transforms from a rusty dull depression or just the unhappiness changing into a fully polished shinning mirror where you fully recognize the full potential your place in the world. it works out and one has full confidence. Is my piece just a battle between two metal grinders. I think not.

Monday, February 4, 2008


it does take more time specifically for the things that we are trying to do. I have sketched out planed things as much as I could but once you have all the materials plans change and it becomes more of an improvised on the fly sort of building. we are making technically challenging machines that require months to hone till they get correct. the steps are much larger in making sculpture. If you dont agree than you probably are not aware of the caliber of work that we are making. in order to have something function it takes time to work out all the variables and then once you have it working sometimes it stops working so you need to figure out the way to have it functioning for long periods of endurance. I needed to build a whole electronic system. I have to figure out all the voltages, motor compatibilities, etch the pcb boards, coil the osscillators, i do not think that christy carr knew how much goes into the process. Its not just all done within an instant on the computer like graphic. It really angers me the favoring or siding with painting and drawing. we are doing things that require all types of craftsmanship that is beyond the scope of art. things are physically impossible with out mounting to the floor or drilling into the ceiling. i need to make protective walls for all my pieces and that takes an aditional amount of time. I do not want to back out of my plans because I feel that what I am creating accurately describes the tour de force of everything I have produced up to this point.
and thats my rant for the day.