Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Petition for Gyroscopic Spiralgraph

Metal Grinder Spiral Graph
I am having a meeting with various faculty and board members to nail out specific technical details of my pieces at the end of February. I need your signature saying that you would like to see a demonstration in the gallery.

The plan is to safely operate, for less than half a minute, the metal disk gyrating powered by two metal grinders. The metal grinders are secured on oscillating arms that will move from the center of the fulcrum to the outer edges of the metal disk. To collect the metallic dust and sparks I plan to create shielding of vinyl walls to protect the viewers. I will offer dust masks and earplugs for the personal hazards emitted from the piece.
I will not continuously run the piece for the entire show. It will happen in sparse intervals. I am thinking of running the grinders only at the exhibition for 30 seconds then waiting for 1-2 hours. The cycle will repeat. This will give viewers the choice of viewing with out the irritation of constantly running the wheel.

This work allows you to view a sculpture that is making a sculpture. Electricity is input into the work and channeled into polishing the rust off of the sculpture. When I am grinding metal sculptures I get into a trance, rhythmically dancing to the sound of grinding/polishing the metal. The act of grinding becomes a ritual performance. What is more, the angle grinders create grooves in the metal disk like that of a record, or burning information into a cd, or recording electrical impulses into the mainframe of a computer. The connection of electricity to sound with a visual performance is the core basis of my thesis.
Please sign if interested in seeing this function in the gallery or write any comments that you may have in criticism.

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Matt said...


I'm interested in this. What's the reaction been from faculty and the board, etc.? Inquiring minds want to know.

This is far and away the best writing I've seen you do by the way. What gives? You could use this stuffv in your thesis. It's clear, organized, and intent. Keep posting. These are going to help you.

All best,