Sunday, October 25, 2009

screentest film fest

Twas a great day.
Spent the day watching films at the Carnegie. SOFA was there, Kids home movies and Cincy world cinema. I still need to join these institutions but all for another day.
I am not sure whether or not they liked my film but it was great to see it on the big screen nevertheless, awesome to put on my resume. I still like that film a lot. but it was a certain time in my film making career. I would really like to do more animation. I just dont have the ideas yet for a great animated film.
production of Herbie swank is going great. Just printed off more scripts with storyboards.

things to do. tuesday the 27th

4:00pm get tuxes
5:00 Meet David and give lowdown, script and confidence
6:oo set up at jeff Ruby's
7:00 shoot cigar section
730 shoot in kitchen
800 move to local 127
10 Tonic
closes at 10 might have to do that another day.

thats all for now

remember to score a soundtrack with anthony, James and Nickolas sometime once developed and edited digitally.

don't worry about including in creative show.
this is one for the film fests.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

story boards

here are some site location drawings that i did from memory for the shoot at local 127, it may be a little off, but here is the basic shots that i have in mind.
As far as the production goes i now have in the crew, David Averdick, Chris Hoeting and Cameron Richardson all shooting footage. for the actors I have Wendy and Anthony, Matthew and Anna, James Payne and the Server Caitlin. Also Steve the winetravelor and somnlier.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

cinema archive and performance space

here is an email that i have been sending around maybe you have some ideas?
My name is Jonathan Hancock, I am a film maker/ artist based in Cincinnati.
To get to the point, I am planning to open a micro-cinema that houses a visual archive of films and video, a performance space and an art gallery. I would like to restore the Imperial theater on 280 W.McMicken or use a smaller location above the player piano shop on 611 main st. I am pre-planning all the logistics of how this cinema will function. I have a list of distributors for film and equipment, I have several locations that i am interested in fixing up, I have a crew that is ready to work with me to accomplish this goal. Do you know of any federal grants that would help to fund some of the basic expenses involved in restoring an old existing cinema, finding 35mm projectors? Do I need to get a distributors license, a merchants/vendors liscense to show films? this cinema would be for the community, I could offer free demos and access to students to inspire the minds of young film-makers. I have a bunch of friends that would be interested in playing music to films as well. The cinema would be an alternative space with multiple functions. If you could offer any advice, help or contacts I would be eternally grateful.
I look forward to hearing back from you at your convenience.
If you need any more information about the specifics of my project,
please dont hesitate to call (859) 653-8150
thank you,
Jonathan Hancock

youtube videos transfered from super-8
dangers of Road Rage

The Electric Inertia