Tuesday, January 29, 2008

thoughts on destruction

two of my sculptures imply a notion of creating new sculptures by destroying the original materials. a rusty 35 inch disk is ground down to metallic dust over the exhibition with a metal grinder. The other uses the currency coming from an electrical outlet sending it through a tesla coil to create warmth and light for plant life. both display an aggressive intensity about the materials. I take a crusty piece of steel and try to polish it to a mirror shine. To me this is talking about the process, the timespan the vitally essential weardown and natural breaking down of materials of thoughts of muscles to create strength, its reflective of many processes in life. rocks being broken down to sand, mixing with other types of rocks to make igneous rock. mixing with magma. taking carbon and combining it with other elements to make any kind of color hue, steels and metals are a simple recipe consisting of carbon and charcoal and iron. alloys of life are the same way. we digest food breaking it down to shit and make the earth more fertile that is then piped to factories broken down purified. Muscles have to be ripped apart which in turn heals and because the repair is thicker stronger muscles are made.
back to what specifically my work entails. The tesla coil plugs in something that is pure electricity and creates something out of control, lethal, harmful as lightning. theatrically this is very important that the coil takes 110volts and creates a chain reaction multiplying the charge through the winds of a coil and it bursts out through the toroid. thats the domed metal part on the top of the tesla coil. all that raw energy. something that is so hard to describe. but i feel that energy flowing through my body that vibrancy the manic discharge. it surrounds the earth and can be felt in many processes. Jamie was right that art is trying to reveal the secrets of the universe and contain them, manipulating them into different materials. I dont think its because I am on some power hungery strife. I really feel I have to communicate these processes because of their awe and sheer spectacle.
yeah Im out

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