Monday, January 28, 2008

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All the successful artists today, know how to instruct a team of individuals with diverse specialized skills. Work is a mixture of all the ideas sparking from a group. In any business, an individual must depend on friends and colleagues in order to accomplish massive projects. My work studies that communal interaction of ideas relating to the metaphor of electricity. It seems very clear that the impulse sent by your brain transmits through images and language received almost telepathically to the collective team. Light bulbs and neon signs are a succinct way to communicate that electric communication. Interaction makes ideas real, living. The more people unified by a single idea assures tangibility and timelessness.
Time has been an important muse since the cubists, Duchamp. Over the years Jean Tinguely, Survival Research labs, Tim Hawkins, and Gregory Barsamian have perfected the specific exemplar of physical and mechanical representation of elapsed time. Time exists physically occurring through real kinetic motion equally as the accumulation of time, the temporal ephemeral deterioration of materials. Rust, luster of polished newness, or the elemental composition of the material represents time. Time exhibits energy through the rhythmic intervals of frequency.
Energy is connected to both sonic vibrations and the visible spectrum. Each hue has a corresponding sound audible in a certain wavelength equivalent in voltage of energy. Art is effective when it surrounds the viewer with this trifecta of sensory interpretations. A viewer can engage the piece from multilayered synchronicity. If life mimics art then the … finish the sentence.

Explain why exactly I am using tesla coil, metal grinder. What does free energy have to do with the ecosystem. How can the investigation of energy/sonic/spectrum compare to everything else. Make it fit. I could talk about the metallurgy of carbon, copper, minerals elements to make color which is reflective of the amount of electrons being transferred and something about sound. There is a distinct pitch that elements make once processed into a sheet.

To the general public art is an exclusive entity. Outsiders might not engage “high art” to the fullest extent, however certain variables give artsists a universally understood reputation. Relevant to exclusivity is the spreading of rumor. Rumor implies that one group is excluded from the informed, knowledgeable. To me the wilder the rumor the more recongnized a reputation will be. Sort of like the saying “ all press is good publicity” meaning that negative criticism is just as likely to adhere to the mind as positive. A rumor is just like art. A person reveals an article with a trusted group, exclusive peers. Judging on the quality or effective communication of the article this trusted group gives positive or negative publicity to the person. As a result a reputation is received therefore ingraining the article into the brains of masses.

Need to talk about pattens somewhere. This could lead to the absence of true originality only the appropriation of the elements of inspiration. Learn more jon.

I agree with amy that the future of artworks will be coglomerations of artists working together. We have been interacting through the net, these blogs are probably the same sort of connection. I think it actually needs more connection. I have traveled to other colleges including Louisville, OSU at the glass department and some of UCs campus but I think we need more interaction a co-op between colleges to have free source to any material. participate in any of their critiques. If we could unify this much it would be like building our future. or we would have mini communities of artists. I think the internet does this to some extent but its not the same as being there and actual collaboration. I am at a school that does not offer a lot of extra classes. I need to learn my own electronics. I wish we had some neon. a bussiness sort of marketability skills with persuasive speech building lecturing.
what is our generation, our time going to be known for? I can think of one thing that everyone in my age group does regularly. I think of internet buying, internet dating and really a loss of reality. For example it seems that simulated or virtual reality holds more currency than does physically experiencing and doing something. I could be talking to someone right now but instead it might reach more people through this blogging shit. People buy property that doesnt exist. there are all these facebooks myspace and who knows what that set out trying to be web interaction or linking the contact awwh whats that called oh networking but really it turns out to be something that further separates us due to being fake conversations. the internet is the new tv. there are people with jobs that work in a computer cubicles and then go home and sit at their computer. to be plugged into society you have to spend atleast 3 hours everyday sorting mail blogging posting video responses at you tube. There are times where I am in conversations and I am completely lost in their lingo and references to things I will never find on the internet. What like whats two girls and a cop. or that guy spreading his anus. I went to a tuberculosis hospital last year and there was even grafitti referencing sayings from the internet. its pretty wild to see that. Ill look back at the pictures and post them latter. okay just give me some time to set this up I know you are all dying to read and see what i put out especially the first day.

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