Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuberculosis hospital

I recently recieced the developed footage which I took early in october. Its super 8 film shot in an abandoned tuberculosis hospital. I think super 8 lends itself to a textural gritty quality. a viewer can feel the filth of the decaying building. the film starts out in a brick room fadeing into focus of electrical conduit weeds are growing from the floor its on the second floor. Windows have all been shattered out except for one still encrusted burned window. there are sections that are poorly metered which I will probably edit out. I want the viewer to feel what it was like to visit this building. its kinda creepy unsettling and bizarre. I shot brick density one section I shot frame by frame sort of stop motion moving more quickly than 15 frames per second on the motion. so the viewer feels a rush of mortared brick. The quality of a Stan Brakhage film where rhythm is a big part of the texture of the film. I hope to shoot some more film only this time I will plan out and select better days. I think it will be a bat man Ill flap my constructed wings. I could use the telephone booth for the transformation.
The other Idea is to have time lapses of city dwellings with a person moving at normal speed while everything else is fast paced. If any of you would like to be involved or might have some feedback let me in on it. or else why the hell am I writing this.

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