Thursday, March 20, 2008

Road to Ruin

Jamie and I have created a card idea tonight and wonder whats your opinion.
We have realized that the last 4 maybe all the shows except yes have a double rhyming scheme. Powerplastique, Recollection collection, reconnecting a reflection, resolution revolution,and now our show will be declared, Road to ruin. I find it really facinating that we all use this double alliteration (forgot the exact literary term) to make our shows seem appealing, catchy and memorable. I always think of Cocoa Cola's original inventors who thought that would be a catchy double c sound.
so we have a card idea that we will manipulate further once i get to school.
tell me what you think.

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Jess said...

Thanks for the input on my blog.
I just checked it today!
I love your show card. I had not noticed how many of the thesis groups are using alliteration and/or rhyming in their show titles. So far I'm impressed with the level of proffessionalism put into these past couple of Senior shows. I thought the last group of gallery talks by Patti, Jeff, and Caroline were really strong.