Wednesday, March 19, 2008

motion sensors

does anyone know anything about electronics? Ive been trying to find the right motion sensor to power the angle grinders. the piece Gyroscopic Spiralgraph you can read about it below. I need to have the wheel activate by the viewers at a close range of a barrier set 3-5 feet away. The common Home depot motion sensors only work in long distances and only at night furthermore these devices only power simple house or security lights. I actually need them to run to a relay and then to the angle grinder which is a powerful torquing motor. This creates a specialized part that is quite expensive for such a small but important piece. Ive talked to grainger, banner electronics and c&e distributer in the ohio area. Would any of you happen to know of someone who is technologically savy to many different electronic quandries? It would realy benifit my show to have fully automated machines that only work when viewers are in the vicinity.
thank you

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Matthew said...

hey jon, i think since you're having difficulty locating small motion sensors and the cost is not feasible, could you put the display on a timer? Maybe run the timer every 5 or 10 minutes or something like that. That way the display is guaranteed to go off while the motions sensor would only work if someone is near it. Could that work?