Sunday, March 30, 2008

a fake pieceq

I really want to see a framed mirror that rotates quickly on a vertical axis. on one side the rectangular shaped mirror is a mirror on the other a flatscreen tv. this way the viewer could see himself then from 3rd person view. Im telling you it would be confusing as fuck. i think thats funny but im only saying it about myself its not directed towards anyone. new med makes me feel like a person again. called in vega does that mean something? verbally i mean.


Gary said...

What's most important? That it's imagined or that it's made?

Is it true that only assholes can make ass prints?

What is your relationship to your medication?

Jonathan said...

when i don't take it for a while thats a bad relationship. but while im taking it i feel drugged up and incapacitated. I do not think that i could fake something like this gary.