Tuesday, March 25, 2008


yes i would like to meet for the committe meeting on Tuesday during the morning 8-9 as that is a productive time for me. Recently i have been simplifying what i will be showing in the chidlaw. The dream is to have revolving doors from the photo lab on either side of the collumn. To the back left corner i will grow the corn. ON the right i will have the projector on a pedestool. I might have the pieces unplugged so that, if somone wants to see it in action, they will come to me or my thesis group. This will eliminate the need to have them automated and less time to figure out the intervalmeter. Although i do plan to use it on the rooftop of the artacademy with the super 8 camera. Im telling you this because if i forget i need you to remind me.
as of this weekend the thesis work and reality have become intertwined and its a bit frustrating knowing whats real and not. However i do plan to still show and help as many people with their work.
send this to whomever you need.

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