Thursday, March 6, 2008

electric inertia

There is some force that one perceived as essential integrity from the concept of one's art. I think this force is best conveyed through the interaction of ideas. The metaphor that I use to show is the reactive energy. Energy discharged from a tesla coil inspires the initial excitement flowing into the first persons body. The force can only exist if that person shares the intensity. That person shares it with anyone who will listen. The idea creates a cascading chain reaction of new ideas. A movement of thought happens this way. Changes happen gradually and from a collective group unified by a similar thought. If participants remain anonymous then no one person is a leader. A progressive movement of thought occurs when people feed off of each other's ideas bouncing, attracting and reflecting like the atomic electrons in an atom. collective conciousness occurs with the group inciting the same idea synchronously. Imagine creating a shockwave of enegy/ideas through the globe like a tidal wave eradicating evil..

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