Saturday, March 1, 2008

names for show

let me know if you think these sound good. if you have any ideas of similar synonyms or something that would combine the ideas of all of these.

Names for show
Destruction Junction
Manic destruction
Bona Fide
Moxie- vigor verve vivaciousness
Synchronicity- coincidentally thinking the same thing
Joie de vivre - delight in being alive
chef d'oeuvre
tour de force

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Katie said...

I like Manic Destruction, think that one could fit at least four of us and propbly the others too, and I'm liking Bona Fide... but maybe there are ways to twist it, so it's not a straight forward even just adding an S, Bona Fides, changes the meaning slightly to mean a person sincerity... Tour de Force is kind of a common one so maybe not that... the only question i have about using a French term, is why another language? why French? not that there isn't or can't be a reason i just think we should have one...
So now that i've critiqued the many idea you've come up with and not come up with any of my own i'm going to finish, ok, continue writing my thesis and think more on this after Monday.