Friday, April 4, 2008

more freakfest promotion

nobody really reads this so im just feeding the ego train but here it goes.

Everyone, please come experience
A MUST SEE SHOW of Performance Art and Music! The Freak Out Fest!
5th at the Southgate House (performance starts at 10:00)

Luna Waters and Dwight Endlessness are performing for the first time Ever!! You wont want to miss the creators of THE NEW NEW AGE; IT'S SO WRONG IT'S RIGHT.
Their performance will include original music, film and bodily movements

Jane Carver (nuevo opera)
Erin Feller and Jeff Stout as Luna Waters and Dwight Endlessness (digi-video experimental)
Jonathan Handcock (interpravive man dancin')
Sarah cutlip as "Smoo" (experiment clownin')
Clique Talk (chicago post-punk dance/electro psych)
Micah Freeman (local mean as fxxx performance art)
Traits (Michigan break-core/dubb dance)
Nina Wright and the Military Carnage Quartet (local ladies punkedelic/dancedelic)
Jim Swill (spoken word)
Sean Ryan Woodward (accordian carnie)

Tight Leather from Lexington KY (punkedelic, rock-n-roll)
The Smacks! from Louisville KY(glitterbilly drag-rag)
Le Technopuss13s(best ever)
Punk Bunny from Hollywood California (electromanwhore disco: they are amazing and have extremely visual performance)
Dj DQ (local amazing spinnin' talent)

by sexy hottness Raven
Areal Dancing by Jamm Productions
featuring Adult Novelty Raffle (1$ + new fun!)
& the ass print (wear a thong if you wanna join in)
Doors at 9 pm, show at 10 pm
$7 for 21 and up, $10 for 18-20

Doors at 9 pm, show at 10 pm
$7 for 21 and up, $10 for 18-20

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