Sunday, April 13, 2008

going home

reading pocket guide to the apocalypse its humorous. went to crossroads today for a change felt good. was really enthusiastic about the message and the courier of video the installation of how they presented the message.
talking about how you have to fight to incur a change. the only way to do that is with positivity means. Ive been feeling so violent and agressive these past year. its an stage or phase in development.
Kim Krause is probably justified in saying that theatre is more theatrical and finer art. I disagree on its impact. the widespread impact by tv and films and movies impact the average joe. I can see how theater, stage performances theatrics enhance the art. Is art just for entertainment? I hope not.
Im burnt out, disinterested in working with decay and destruction. Everything ive made falls apart. Im not having a pity party Im just stating the obvious. Ive been making alterations to the thesis and trying not to lie steal and stay decisive like what Michelle said. What planet did i come from? the same planet you did. IM not an invader or an alien.
naive art is cool.


Gary said...

A lot of contemporary feels a need to be theatrical and a spectacle to get the attention of a blase public numbed by bells and whistles. The thing is when you get their attention, do you give them something to keep it--something that is nutritious and filling and just lots of cotton candy.

No doubt you struggle with being the normal earthling. That you are not. But you are an interesting and passionate person. I hope you rid yourself of anger. It's a poison, and put those energies to better use.

Destruction and decay can be just destruction and decay. But they can also be the birthplace of creativity as well.

My Best Friend said...

I'm burnt out, too. Just let those things fall a part, everything does eventually. It's putting things back together that you should look forward to.