Saturday, July 12, 2008

self discipline

i am a bad teacher for myself. infact the deadlines that i set for myself exist in an unorganized way. It also really is frustrating that i dont get up off my ass and get a job. What i need to do is just forget about art completely and come back to it when i have things stabilized. just right now it feels too good just to do nothing, cameron was right it feels like the summer before going back to school and so you feel motivated but not that motivated.

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i infact have lost the ambition. I do nothing now. earlier this summer i was atleast painting a new one every week and filming with nina Wright now i just go on and hope that someone will just give me a handout job. i need the money and the satifaction of being depended on being relieable. At the moment i feel utterly useless defunct and out of place. Ive been planning road trips to go on but not following through with them.
this is in arizona i went there with my dad and just now got up to posting some images.

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