Monday, February 7, 2011


i am in the process of making a really good animated live action film. trying to include everybody that i can. arthole. alex cardosi. cheasea donnellon. sweet makeup girl, chris adams, ianscott. doing music. ofcourse jon lorenz coming up with surf music. my roomates jamie payne and claire tarbell. maybe phillip spangler. and christopher ezra.

its called chicken and it is a film i am working on that i need your imput and if interested be a villain. like snidley smiley. Its a hot rod film that takes place in the apocalyptic future only there was a fallout so all the cars are from the 60s and before. I have a mustang gt that my dad will drive in the country and somehow i will film strapped to a flatbed trailer and shoot simple stunts. I need help with a story line.
i have visuals but no story please help.
i have a rocketeer helmet and jetpack. I have tons of fabric. if you want to make a skeleton suit. my aunt used to have a fabric store st. thereasas textile trove so i could get you basically anything you want. I m taking request.
anyway this project is going on from as early as wednesday at 6:30 where we are collaborating (arthole collective is helping me draw and feed me ideas.) on the principle animation of the project in edgewood at my dads house.
so there is your invite have a good day.
call me if there is a problem with me name dropping or if you have a suggestion.

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Jonathan said...

i can comment on my own shit.
let me know if i forgot anyone.