Wednesday, August 26, 2009

november show? what to name you

am i still eligible for a show in November? I dont have a name yet, but i do have an idea for the show card which i could print at seamless unless you have a better printer. Whats more important is the work and how its installed.
just to update you.
I have 2 super8 films, one about road rage in cincinnati the lunacy in full color psychodellic style. it is on youtube if you want to check it
the next i have been working on months to draw directly on the film, the footage depicts a mannaquin exploding with fireworks, i imagine to be energy like the demise of a phoenix.
I am currently shooting a third film showing cincinnati in time lapse. shots mounted on moving motorcycle, on the carew tower, and through the streets at a blistering high speed. In this i am challenging the viewers ability to reconize images at the split of a second.
Next i propose to show a film acquired from the library. this part is tentative as they are educational films that may not work with the theme of the show. Which could be anybodies guess.
I am showing the first two completed films this sunday at Aaron kent's studio to the Arthole group. Kenton, the guy you introduced me to and suggested that i work with on this endeavor, has agreed to collaborate and show with me. Is that okay?

one other thought for the presentation and nigh of the show. i wanted to dress up in a costumed or pantomimed mouse, or some animal.
still need to score a track for all the films.

hope this all meets your approval and I look foreward to working with you. email any feedback or suggestions that you may have.

thank you.

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