Monday, September 7, 2009

influences at the moment

i just want to see if i can remember some influences. they are in no particular order.
jan svankmajer,george melies, nikola tesla, thomas edison, jean tinguley, stan brakhage, jeff keen, martha colburn, terry gilliam, Ryan Larkin, norman mclaren, len Lye, Quentin Tarintino, gregory Barsamian, gregg araki, john waters, ed wood, Danny elfman, the chicago luzeran ensemble, the art damage, c. spencer yeh, wasteland jazz ensemble, David smith, Richard Stankewitz, Dr. Evermor, lino Tagliapetra, Stephen Rolfe powell, Dante Marioni, guenther van hagen, Alex grey, Stanlislav Libensky and jaroslav Brychtova, Scott Darlington, vladimir Tatlin, the wright brothers, going to the cinema, gymnastics, walking a junkyard, driving a motorcycle, above all motion kinetics, elapsing of time, the accumulation of natural forces like rust.

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