Thursday, September 17, 2009

technichal installation

I have been thinking since we met about ways to present and the challenges. Today i will take measurements of the gallery space. I will try to get everything needed.
I have two mannequins from a previous show that i thought represent people on the street of our installation. I am currently painting them white. The other possibility is projecting video on the surface of them like james bond. We could also put them in the storefront windows to wrap the street into the gallery. Are mannequins too creepy? I also thought it would look nice to project through heads of the mannequins. It could look like the brain is projecting the film. I dont have a boring drillbit to go through the dolls so this idea could be scrapped.
I like the idea about the pods. We do need to keep it open to load the film into the projector and all the necessary fine tuning. What do you think of having a psuedo wall that we could get from the dumpster of Playhouse in the park that viewers could walk around to see projectors on the other side? I have an image of tennament home walls having doors with peepholes. We could project through the peepholes warping the video. I am not sure where to find the peepholes though maybe building value off of gilbert.

We may have trouble getting the gallery dark enough. We could put curtains over the doorway of the storefront windows to block the light out. I also thought we could have some looping tvs to mimic a television store. Projecting video onto windows might be hard to do if it doesnt get dark enough. I also thought about bringing a fog machine for the inside of the installation. This would help the projected film to be visualized into beams of light. But the fog could hinder some people's view of the gallery. to remedy this i we could get some low led lights or strips of leds on the walkway of the gallery. sort of like an airplane landing strip.

i really enjoyed how you used the garden hose and found objects at the Kraft house 2 years ago. Maybe we could do an installation like that, only with film and pods?
you can send this email to anyone. I still need to hunt down all the arthole emails. Is this a project that you might be more interested in?

thank you

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