Friday, November 13, 2009

week before the show

so it is that time, a week before the show at Creative Gallery. Normally i would be so nervous about performing that i would lose interest in the show all together. but i am genuinely excited to be there. to set up everyting. I know it is going to be a big hassle but what fun thing isn't initially. Glass blowing is still going well and i really want to make a functioning movie camera or just a pinhole in glass. you think that might be done? Pissed off Caitlin pretty bad, but that happens a lot. so Im not stressed. I got all the film transfered for local 127 and Daves footage is on its way. hope to see it soon. Things are going good and being productive.

Though not as productive as i would like to be. I bought a van. it is heavily modified to look like a greenhouse. I plan to do something with it. why did i buy it. I don't know?
oh well ill just scrap it. get it over with.

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